Tips for Buying Anti-Radiation Maternity Clothes

In order to avoid the harm of the electronic radiation to the baby, it is also necessary to prevent radiation before pregnancy. Nowadays, there are many kinds of  anti-radiation plus size mon-to-be clothes sold in the market, and the design is also different. How to identify the radiation suit and wearing light and lovable one. This is something that many expectant mothers care about. Today, Popreal will tell you how to find the most suitable and best radiation protection suit. Maternity Long Sleeve Short Dress

1,About the size:

A good radiation-proof paternity dress should fully consider the shape of the pregnant woman. So it should not be too tight, which will not hurt the mother and make the baby breathing well. It is recommended to buy a larger one, which is more comfortable.

2, About the material:

It is recommended for mothers who need to work with computer, to use super-radiation protection suits with 30% metal fiber.

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3, About the color:

Most of the radiation-proof cheap mom-to-be clothes on the market are navy blue, because it is resistant to dirt. There are also some bright colors. expectant mothers can also choose pink, which is more cute. Purple is both dirt-resistant and beautiful; it can be chosen according to your own preferences.

4, About the type:

There are two types of radiation protection: one is a close-fitting underwear. The other is the vest worn outside. Radiation protection underwear protects women who are not pregnant. Pregnant women must wear protective vests (protecting the spinal system).Maternity Graceful Strapless Maxi Dress

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