Tips for Buying Baby Dresses

An autumn rain and a cold, autumn and winter temperature changes can be big, for their own regulation ability is still in the development stage of the baby, the right clothes will make them more comfortable and comfortable. Newborn clothes like the baby’s second layer of “skin”, this is not wear more will be warmer, young parents can pay attention to.

Autumn and winter clothing four tips.

  1. Even when you are a newborn baby, you need to prepare more clothes so that you can change them frequently.In terms of types, there will be more types of clothes in autumn and winter, including coats, cotton-padded clothes (trousers), sweaters (trousers), underwear, trousers, waistcoat (vest), capes or cloaks, hats, shoes and socks, etc.
  2. 2.The baby’s body grows quickly, so in the preparation of baby clothes to have a plan, do not have a whole autumn and winter clothes are enough to buy.
  3. 3.Chemical fiber clothing in dry season more prone to static electricity, try not to buy or do anti-static
  4. It’s important to have nice clothes for your baby, but if they’re not practical, give them up.

Baby dress three principles.

  1. 1.Spring cover autumn freeze.

As the saying goes, “spring cover autumn freeze”, for the baby to do so appropriate? We know that human beings are endotherms and have a perfect body temperature regulation system, but for a baby, the temperature regulation function needs to be perfected. Therefore, we cannot simply emphasize “freezing”. Even in autumn, we should start from cold tolerance exercise and carry out it step by step. Of course, according to the traditional Chinese medicine point of view, children are generally Yang qi prosperous body, if too warm will encourage Yang qi and Yin liquid consumption. Therefore, the mother should not too early, excessive warmth for the baby, can check the baby’s hands, neck, not to sweat, if the body is prone to cold sweat.

  1. Hand warmth without sweat is the standard.

The mother may according to the weather forecast, the actual temperature change and the feeling, has the plan to increase the baby the clothes, with the baby does not perspire, the hands and feet are not cool is the standard. Too much clothing will not only affect the baby’s own cold exercise, but also make the baby more susceptible to cold and other diseases. Normally, a baby’s body temperature is usually higher than that of the elderly and adults. Older babies are more active and do not feel cold. If the amount of activity is very large, wear too much will make the baby movement sweat, if not timely wipe dry, change into dry clothes, more likely to catch cold and get sick.

Usually the baby wears only one more than the adult on the line, the older baby can be as much as the adult and even can deliberately let the baby a little less to exercise cold ability. Autumn to properly feel cool but can enhance the child’s physique, so that the baby is not easy to get sick.

  1. Don’t let clothes interfere with your baby’s movements.

Often see some babies wear too much, just like a small pompon; Or is wearing cute baby clothes although very beautiful, but not very suitable for sports, these will make action is not sensitive baby movement is very inconvenient, in the objective will reduce the baby exercise opportunities. On the contrary, if the clothes are appropriate, the baby can move freely and increase the amount of exercise, which is more conducive to improving the resistance of their body and strengthening their physique.

Baby is dressed have exquisite, when father mom is dressed to the baby, cannot covet much but be full of warmth only, also cannot go after beauty and inconvenient baby is moved. Let your baby wear more comfortable and healthy in autumn and winter!

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