Tips for Matching Skills of Newborn Baby Clothes

Adults always try their best to wear warmly and fashionably, of course, babies also have their own dress techniques. Here are several matching skills for baby clothing from newborn baby clothes and may it will help you.Corduroy Plush Hooded Outerwear


  1. Babies’ underwear should be made in cotton. Clothes with cotton padding are mostly man-made fiber, which is airtight and non-sweat-absorbing. What’s more, fit underwear is the best choice for baby who is less than 6 months old.
  2. Warm vest is a great choice, which can perfectly protect the back and shoulders; and because there is no sleeve, the baby’s small hand is perfectly released, and he can easily move.
  3. Sweater should be as thick as possible, so that it will be warmer. High collar clothes are not suitable for babies, for it may make little baby feel uncomfortable.


  1. newborn jackets should be selected according to the outdoor temperature: 10-15 °C, a fleece jacket is enough; 5-10 °C, choose a normal thickness of the cotton jacket; less than 5 °C, babies must be prepared with a thick belt Hat down jacket!
  2. In fact, if the weather is not very cold, then you can choose underwear + sweaters, putting a cotton vest, with scarf and hat just so fashionable.Adorable Bunny Ears Thickened Jacket

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