Tips of wearing shoes mother-to-be should know

Expectant mothers in life have a lot of need to pay attention to, whether it is food, clothing. In fact, there is a lot of about wearing cute baby shoes and now please understand common sense about shoes of pregnant mothers.

Foot can have a few changes for pregnant mother, and more complex thing is that the change of the circumference of the foot in a day is between 10mm to 25mm. And the change range that normal person foot can bear is between 3mm to 5mm, exceeding normal tolerable range far.

In addition, the foot length of pregnant women will also change with the change of sitting posture, standing posture and walking posture. The average change of sitting posture is 4mm to 7mm, while the average change of standing posture and walking posture is about 3mm to 6mm.

Therefore, pregnant women in pregnancy, especially in the last three months, pregnant women’s demand for shoe style is particularly important.

Here are some things you should pay attention to when choosing a shoe size:

1. Considering the variation of the foot length, the shoes should be about 10mm longer than the feet when choosing shoes.

2. Shoe model had better be the fasten shoelace or the type that can adjust width, which can adjust at will when the foot length produces change.

3. Choose shoes with low heels. The ideal heel height is about 15mm to 30mm, which is the most comfortable height to wear.

While most pregnant women all think better wear flat shoes, but with the increase of weight, weight will get heavy pressure on heel and postpartum may not make the heel comfortable, so they should choose to have a little bit with the shoes up which will be more easy than to wear flat shoes and also had better choose round head or contributions. Its material is qualitative soft shoes, which give a sufficient space.

4. Pregnancy can be divided into two stages to change into different shoes. The first stage is that the first six months it are less demanding, and the second stage is that the last four months it should choose device with heel coasters to guarantee.

5. Finally, the sole should be one which can prevent slip wide sole.

Actually, all of this can boil down to find a pair of suitable, comfortable children shoes. Wearing comfortable shoes lighten pregnant mothers’ mood. The shoe during be pregnant must make a foot comfortable. For instance, some pregnant women often can appear footstep dropsy, so the shoe size that chooses at this time should be more careful and do not always restrain a foot as far as possible. They are supposed to give toe more the space of a few motion.

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