Tips on how to dress your baby in winter

Tips to dress your baby in winter:

Outdoor wear – cotton-padded jacket and light hat are indispensable.

One: put on underwear for baby.

Some mothers think that as long as you put on thick clothes outside, you can keep warm and don’t pay attention to your newborn baby bottoms. In fact, soft cotton underwear can not only absorb sweat, but also allow air to remain around the skin, blocking the loss of internal temperature, so that the baby is not easy to catch cold and get sick. And the baby that does not wear newborn bottoms is body surface quantity of heat loses much, the body feels always cold and cool, very easy to catch a cold.

Two: wool clothes and trousers want safety.

Baby go out in winter, must wear warm function of wool. Baby skin soft, small irritation can also cause skin allergies, and wool texture is the most important factor to consider when buying. At present, there is wool specially produced for babies in the market, which is very small, soft, warm and suitable for babies to wear. Parents should pay special attention not to choose wool which is easy to drop, so as to avoid inhalation into baby’s trachea and lungs.

Three: cotton clothing to light and thin.

Many parents think that only thick down jacket is the most warm, in fact, it is not, in small cotton clothing expanded cotton can absorb a lot of air to form a protective layer, not easy to let cold air invasion, has a good role in keeping warm. Thick down jackets don’t have much room to absorb warm air. Wind protection is ok. Keeping warm against cold is much worse than small cotton suits.

Four: dry and breathable small socks.

Once the baby’s feet are cold, the body is also prone to chills. Keeping your baby warm in winter is the key to keeping your baby’s feet warm. Many parents also mistakenly think that the baby socks the thick warm the better the results, in fact, if the thick socks but not absorb sweat, it is easy to damp, a large number of moisture can discount socks fibers in the air, due to the excellent insulating body, less air socks can make the baby’s feet when it’s wet hair is cool, reflex sexual ground to cause decreased respiratory resistance and colds. Therefore, choose cotton socks with good air permeability for your baby.

Five: soft shoes that fit.

If the shoes are too big, the baby start road does not follow the feet, the heat on the feet easily lost quickly; On the other hand, shoes that are too small are pressed against socks, which affects the storage of still air inside the shoes and does not keep them warm. The best choice is to wear shoes that are slightly looser in size and are made of cotton that breathes and absorbs sweat. Baby wear the right size, comfortable soft, shoes can store the right air, so that the baby’s small feet more warm. In the freezing north, choose shoes for your baby, but also pay attention to the anti-skid, anti-freeze sole.

Six: a hat to keep your body warm.

Baby 25% of the heat is from the head, go out in winter must be a baby to wear a hat. The thickness of the cap varies with the temperature. It is better to wear a hat made of soft cloth that is comfortable and breathable for the baby, and do not choose a hat with rough edges for the baby, or it will easily irritate the baby’s skin.

Seven: judge the situation again add clothes.

Many parents are afraid of the baby frozen, so go out to wear a lot of baby, baby once the activity will sweat, clothes soaked by sweat, but this cold, and also reduce the body’s ability to adapt to the outside temperature change and disease resistance. If the baby is out for exercise, can be appropriate to reduce some clothes, but if the outside environment is particularly cold, resulting in the baby’s body heat production capacity is insufficient, or should pay attention to more clothing. Judge how much the baby is dressed is appropriate, but often touch his small hands and feet, as long as it is not cold that their bodies are warm, clothing is appropriate.

Eight: don’t protect your mouth and nose.

Mom and dad are used to putting a mask on the baby or cover his mouth and nose with a scarf, thinking that the baby’s small face will not be frozen. And, because scarf is mostly fiber products, if you use it to protect the mouth, the fiber will be inhaled into the body of the baby, which may induce asthma in the baby with allergic constitution, sometimes because the scarf is thick, blocking the baby’s mouth and nose and affect the baby’s normal lung ventilation.

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