Trick to choose shoe——foot health must not be ignored

Pregnant mothers’ body changes greatly, especially in the late pregnancy. Lower limb edema will become serious and the foot should be taken seriously. So how to pick the right pair of shoes for a mother-to-be?

1. Choose newborn baby shoes with round head and having certain width. Shoe quality also should be softer.

2. The size of shoes should be determined according to the length of feet. It must be noted that when people are sitting or standing, it will be 10mm longer.

3. The ideal heel height should be 15 to 30mm. Although flat shoes are acceptable, it may often bring foot fasciitis and other heel discomfort in the postpartum.

4. Shoe style should be open type, namely lace-up or magic style. Next choice is elastic belt or other adjustable type.

5. The sole had better be ones whose wear-resisting degree is good and can have the outsole of certain skid resistance.

6. The heel of high heels is generally more than 4 cm, so pregnant mother had better not wear. Otherwise, it will be easy to fall, and even abortion.

In addition, the cotton-padded shoe is better in winter and summer baby shoes requires flexibility. Of course, the most important thing is to fit the foot shape of the expectant mother so that she can feel comfortable.

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