Two criteria for choosing children’s underwear

Do not buy children’s underwear marked only as “acceptable” or “class C”.

The darker the color is, the greater the chance of exposure to harmful substances in the dye. How to choose baby bottoms,the following articles will tell you this.

Weather gradually cold, many citizens began to buy up the underwear for the baby and the children’s underwear also gradually in this time period hot sell. The reporter discovers, on buying children underwear, a few brand children’s clothes are more popular. Most parents think that brand underwear is comfortable to touch and guaranteed in quality. In fact, children’s underwear than adults, the choice is a certain trick.

Children’s underwear hot sellers.

“It’s getting cold. It’s time to buy some underwear for the children. “A resident had trouble choosing the right underwear for her 9-month-old daughter and decided to wear a T-shirt instead.

“A T-shirt is like a cotton sweater. It can be worn as underwear. What young lady says chooses hard, basically be because underwear is close-fitting dress, the skin of the child is more delicate again, if buy inferior goods, adverse to the child’s health.

The reporter learns in interview, recently, children underwear rises gradually like hot air, many mothers begin to acquire thin cotton sweater, cotton wool pants to wait for children underwear, still have underwear. “When the day is hot, basically did not give the child to wear underwear, it is cool now, and the pants outside wear thick, inside still want to wear underwear.” 

The quality of children underwear and price difference is bigger, a few yuan of underwear of all but can buy, and moms want several hundred yuan. Some parents think that children’s things are not too good, because the growth of fast, through this season will not. Also some parents feel underwear is close-fitting clothing, must buy so best. So how do you choose underwear for your kids?

Brand underwear is favored.

Finally, Ms. Jin bought three pairs of underpants for her son at the counter. The total price was 89 yuan. “It’s not too expensive, but it’s not cheap either.

In the interview, the reporter learned that many mothers in the choice to buy underwear for their children, and most tend to brand. And these brands are not high-end, but some of the more popular brands. Almost a pair of underwear 20 yuan, a set of underwear 100 yuan price is the most popular.

“A lot of children’s wear is high-end, a set of underwear hundreds of yuan can be seen everywhere, but still feel that children do not need to buy things so good. And personnel of children underwear of a few high-end brands tells a reporter, because underwear is close-fitting clothing, and material and craft demand are higher, so some underwear price is higher than average dress even, some mom still be willing to spend money.

“In fact, underwear as long as the choice of cotton is not the brand is not important, and a few dollars of clothing is really not to buy as well, how the quality of the heart does not know the end.” Ms. King said.

How to choose children’s underwear

As we have learned, when major parent is choosing children underwear, it is to choose above all comfortable, choose complete cotton namely, and it is basic choice white, such underwear is the most popular.

Before paragraph of time, have many brand children’s wear to expose the news that gives quality unqualified, choose children underwear to compare with average clothes actually, still have knickers when buying. The reporter looked up relevant data, summed up the recipe that chooses children underwear below: can see level first, underwear is divided commonly for A, B, C 3 kinds. Category A can be worn by infants under 2 years old; Category B is skin-friendly; Class C is the product that cannot touch the skin directly. If you find underwear labeled class C or only “acceptable,” don’t buy it. Accordingly, buy underwear to must buy class B above.

Additional, do not buy toddler bottoms with deep color as far as possible, wait for toddler bottoms of color such as navy blue, black, bright red, big violet, color is darker, the opportunity of harmful material in contacting dye also is bigger. Light colors, especially white underwear, are best.


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