Underwear is significantly important for pregnant women

After pregnancy, vaginal secretions will increase because of the increasing belly, at the same time because of the impact of hormones. So, the choice of women’s intimates for pregnant women is quite important, which will not only affect the body of pregnant women, but also affect the health of the fetus. Let’s see how to choose underwear?

In the early and late pregnancy, there is a lot of discharge. If mom does not change underwear often, she is vulnerable to bacterial infections, especially in the treatment of mold, which is very stubborn. Generally, after the doctor’s treatment, the mold on underwear also can form a kind of tolerance spores of all kinds of bad environment, which is difficult to remove and infection will be repeated. So pregnant women should pay attention to personal hygiene and often change underwear. If there is uncomfortable situation, they must promptly to the hospital inspection.

Wear the right underwear, twice the result with half the effort.

During pregnancy, due to the special conditions and needs of the body, we should try to choose cotton underwear with good air permeability, softness and warmth, which can absorb sweat well and have little irritation to the skin and is not easy to cause skin problems. We should try to choose anti-bacteria and anti-odor materials so as to better prevent and control the generation of bacteria.

Suggested purchase principle: according to the size of belly circumference to choose.

After pregnancy, choosing underwear size according to the stomach and hips size is required. It also can choose the waist adjustable type, which can also be used in the entire pregnancy. There is some more fashionable mother liking to wear low waist pants. When choosing this type of underwear at ordinary times, mom should pay more attention to personal hygiene. It is best to choose the high waist, which can protect the abdomen and have the effect of heat preservation.

Key points of choose and buy in each stage.

Early pregnancy: underwear which fit and have appropriate support for pregnant women.

Metaphase pregnancy: underwear which prevent abdomen and buttock from catching cold.

Later stage of pregnancy: in this period, the secretion of vagina is more, so mom can choose underwear with the cotton with good water absorption that prevents bacterium to prevent odor.

The following underwear is some common underwear for pregnant women:

  1. Wrapping abdomen underwear.

The waist of this kind of underwear is taller, which can achieve navel above and can protect abdomen very well and also can have very warm preservation effect. The elastic belt of the waist can also be adjusted by itself according to the size of the belly, so as to better adapt to the gradually growing belly and hips will be better wrapped. Also we have the middle waist type, which is more easily with clothes.

  • Maternity special pants.

This kind of underwear has good flexibility, especially softness. The skin does not feel tight and there is a fixed type and a lower opening type. The lower opening type is more suitable for the special period of birth inspection, mattress and so on.

3. Cotton pants without washing.

It is to be used mainly during sitting month and can be throw after using up. It is very convenient. If lochia becomes less, mom can change to wear general underwear.

Underwear is very important for a woman, which is directly related to comfortableness and health. For special pregnant mother, it is more essential. With secretions increasing, at this time her belly gets bigger, so the requirement of women lingerie will be higher. Mother should try to choose underwear which is safe and healthy.

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