Wearing a small vest is not easy to catch a cold

Winter is easy to get sick and there are moms at home are very worried about the child get sick, but in fact, there are many newborn baby clothes to play a preventive role and let the child reduce the cold, so let us look at the following content.

Cold winter always seems to be inseparable from a cold and a fever, especially children because of the weak resistance and the tender respiratory tract. Therefore, professors jointly remind the majority of parents that if they make some adjustments in the aspects of children’s clothes, food, housing and transportation consciously, they can help children to stay away from colds as far as possible.

Clothing: the small vest does not leave the body. The child’s body has two places to keep warm, one is the back, and the other is the abdomen.

Infants and young children’s lung function is very weak. At the same time, the five viscera of many meridians are concentrated in the back. The stomach is the place where the spleen and stomach are located. When the cold air stimulates the abdomen, the child will suffer from stomachache, making the spleen and stomach unable to work properly. Therefore, keeping the stomach warm is to protect the spleen and stomach and prevent colds.

For infants and young children, the best way to protect your back and stomach is to wear a thin cotton vest close to your body. The child with empty spleen and stomach, in the evening the vest also does not take off. This way, you can stay warm for 24 hours.

Food: morning salt water, night honey soup. After the autumnal equinox, autumn dryness becomes the main pathogenic factor in autumn and winter. Lung main gas, department of respiration, a slight negligence, it is easy to be autumn dry “attack”, causing dry mouth, throat pain, cough and other symptoms of lung heat. Ancient Chinese medical scientists gave us the best recipe for a winter diet: “morning salt water, night honey soup. Because drink plain boiled water, water is easy to lose, if add a little salt in plain boiled water, water is not so easy to lose. Accordingly, winter can let the child get up early in the morning when, drink a cup of light lukewarm brine, drink water of a bit of honey in the evening.

Living: ventilated, warm, sufficient sleep. In winter, ventilated problem in the bedroom should be noticed more, especially the child’s bedroom. If you are worried about opening the window at night, the child is vulnerable to wind and cold, you must make sure to open the window in the daytime for a while to let the room fully ventilated. In addition, cigarette smoke is the main cause of respiratory diseases and do not smoke in front of children. Ensure indoor humidity is also very crucial, the room of the child must have hygrometer and humidifier, and the humidity control in winter is in 40% – 50%. In addition, the child sleeps fully every night 9-11 hours, which also can assure airframe has stronger immunity.

Daily routine: outdoor activities happen every day. Don’t let your child stay at home because of the cold weather. Make sure your child goes out for outdoor activities every day. Because, in the cold air, walking, running is conducive to improving children’s heart and lung function, enhancing physical fitness. This is not only in the fresh “air bath”, but also to enhance the body’s ability to adapt to the changing climate and resistance. But pay attention to outdoor activities to appropriate movement and do not over-fatigue. And avoid crowded, noisy places.

Above from the life of food, clothing, housing and transportation to remind everyone to pay attention and there are many cute baby clothes to reduce or avoid the cold. In fact, wearing a small vest cannot catch a cold.

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