What Are the Characteristics of Newborn Baby

The birth of the baby represents the continuation of the life of parents. In the face of newborns, parents will be very exciting and joyful, and the they can’t wait to take care of this little baby who just arrived the world. At the same time, they will carefully observe this cute little baby. So what kind of physical condition shows the health of a newborn baby? Today, let Popreal share these. In fact, after the baby is born, it meets these characteristics, indicating that the baby is healthy and smart. How long does your baby grow?Fly Sleeve Applique Flower Embroidered Back Button Dress

First, the weight

The weight of a newborn baby is one of the most direct signs of the baby’s health. It is generally considered that the baby is within 2.5 kg to 4 kg. If the newborn baby weighs less than 2.5 kilograms, it means that the baby is not developing well. Some of the baby’s physiological structure is not yet fully developed, and special maintenance methods may be needed to ensure the baby’s health. But if the newborn baby weighs more than four kilograms, it will increase the risk of maternal delivery, and it will increase the probability of obesity after the baby reaches adulthood.

For a newborn baby, it seems to be usual with high body temperature. After the baby is born, the body temperature will gradually decrease, which is 1-2 degrees lower than that of mother. Therefore, the newborn baby must keep warm. After the baby is born for eight hours, the body temperature generally keep at 36.8C-37.2C, at this time, even if the outdoor is very high, the baby will not sweat, because the endocrine glands are not developed well enough, the eyes can not see things, the ears can also hear. Therefore, parents should always pay attention to the baby’s body temperature, because too high or too low temperature is both very dangerous. Sweet Girls Lace Back Bowknot Decorated Dress

Your baby will have a bowel movement within 24 hours of birth. For the first stool and urination of your baby’s life, you must pay special attention to. Parents see that the brick red precipitate on the baby’s diaper is the crystallization of urate. It is normal for such a phenomenon, parents do not have to worry too much. The baby’s first stool is usually a dark green or black sticky piece, which is commonly known as the fetus. This is a very normal phenomenon, novice parents do not panic, the baby will be arranged several times in order to exhaust the body of the fetus!

Most babies are not too beautiful when they are born, especially on the face, a little puffy, and the eyelids are swollen, there will be eyelids, the most important thing is that the bridge of the nose is very, and the skin is very wrinkled and looks very ugly. For newborn babies, this is a very normal phenomenon. When the baby grows up, the collapsed nose will naturally increase with age, and parents should not be disappointed at baby.

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