What Are the Clothes That Are not Suitable for Children

Children’s hoodies, because of the pull cord on them, can be dangerous or even fatal to children, which is often overlooked by most parents.

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In fact, there are many safety points that parents need to pay attention to when dressing their babies.

  • Do not buy rompers for newborn with a drawstring. If you have already purchased it, you can pull the drawstring off.
  • Do not wear zippered pants for baby, for the baby’s self-care ability is poor, a little careless will hurt the baby’s delicate body.
  • Do not choose newborn baby rompers with sequins, rhinestones, and decorative accessories for baby. It is easy to cause ingestion, scratching, and serious cases have caused children to suffocate. Moreover, according to the kindergarten teacher, children wearing such clothes often play with various accessories during class, which seriously affects the development of children’s learning concentration and good habits.
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  • Be sure to buy proper clothes for baby. The baby grows fast, many moms will choose the big one, but the big one will cause the baby to wrestle easily, etc., there still existing certain danger.
  • Be sure to buy proper shoes. If the shoes of baby are too big, he can easily fall down. If they are small, it will affect your child’s development. Remember not to wear high heels, the soles must not be too hard, so as not to affect the development of the feet.
  • Do not wear tight pants. Today’s children’s clothing is not the same as before, adding a lot of fashion elements. Many fashionable moms will choose several tight pants for their children. But this kind of pants is not very good for children. Tight pants can affect blood circulation, thus it will affect children’s growth and development, and have a very serious impact on bones, muscles and reproductive system.
  • Prepare several vests for your baby. In the morning and evening, the temperature difference is large, prepare a few vests for the child to change at the right time, can largely avoid catching cold.
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