What Are the Methods of Washing the Blot on Baby Clothes

For our young moms, it takes a lot of time to do housework, especially cleaning the clothes stained by baby. It’s really a waste of time, especially when the baby’s clothes are replaced more frequently. Popreal will teach the you several methods here, and may you quickly solve these stains.Unicorn Pattern Stripe Round Neck Dress

Milk stain

The milk stain should be the most common stain on the baby’s clothing. This stain smells like a milky smell, very good smell, but the milk stain is not easy to be cleaned, and it will make the baby’s clothes be stained and nourish bacteria, affecting your baby’s skin and respiratory system.

Cleaning method: enzyme-containing detergent.

The main substance in the milk stain is protein, and the enzyme is a substance that can decompose the protein into amino acids. It belongs to the “professional counterpart” and can effectively clean the milk stains. When using this detergent, you must pay attention to the laundry. The temperature of the water should be kept at 45-60 degrees.Ruffle Trim Flower Applique Tulle Dress

Juice stain

Nowadays, the babies are all intensively raised. Mothers start to feed the baby when the baby starts to eat complementary food. The baby will easily make the clothes dirty when drinking juice.

Cleaning method: wash with salt

For the juice stains that have just been contaminated, you can choose to spread the salt to the stains, then take a little water to dissolve it, and gently rub it, and finally rub it with soapy water.

Mildew stain

Cleaning tips: lemonade or alcohol

  1. Lemonade. The lemon slices should be placed in a pan and boiled, then soaked in lemonade for 15 minutes, then gently rinsed the clothes.
  2. Alcohol. The mildew on the clothes is mainly mold, which is always a kind of microorganism, and alcohol can kill most of the microorganisms, so you can clean the clothes after 5-10 minutes of applying alcohol.

Handwriting stains

Cleaning tips: milk

Boil the milk that has not been drunk at home, then use a cotton swab to wipe the stains on the clothes. After infiltration, you can clean it normally.

Yellow stain

Cleaning tips: water of washing rice or boiled orange water

You can use the rice water or the boiled orange water to soak the yellow stains. Generally, the clothes can be restored to the original condition after soaking for 10-20 minutes.

If you use these methods of washing newborn baby clothes , It will be like new one.Girl Puff Sleeve Lace Dress


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