What consequences will have without a maternity bra?

At the time of pregnancy, expectant mothers may find themselves chest bigger, adding 1 to 2 cups. It is often that breast will increase almost 400 grams. The weight of the common bra is no longer suitable for expectant mothers and ordinary bra will be oppression of expectant mothers’ breast and nipples, affecting the growth of breast. If they didn’t pay attention, it also can cause nipple sag and milk also will be hard to come out later.

A lot of people around are pregnant. Pregnant time increases day by day and he bosom also becomes bigger day by day, which is very uncomfortable. At this time they should change pregnant women lingerie. However, what consequences will have without a maternity bra?

Consequence one——causing breast ache.

When pregnant, the enlargement of the breast begins from the lower part, so the shape of the bra is different from that of the ordinary bra. If pregnant woman wear an uncomfortable bra when pregnant, the breast will be squeezed and pulled. The expectant mother will feel the pain of the breast.

Consequence two——postpartum easy to no milk.

When pregnant, expectant mother certainly cannot affect mammary gland hyperplasia and development. Because too tight bra can be chafed with the skin and make fiber fabric enters lacteal canal, causing very big effect to give milk later.

Consequence three——produce bosom deformation.

When pregnant, bra of expectant mother is uncomfortable word can cause bosom to be out of shape and prolapse. Bra is too small, which can lead to deputy breast. Bra is too big, which can cause bosom droop and affect beauty.

With that in mind, expectant mothers can’t keep wearing plain bras just because they want to save money.

Pregnant women’s intimates are usually designed with soft steel support, which can play a supporting and protective role to prevent the impact of gravity caused by breast ptosis. When the droop amplitude is large, it may cause the fiber tissue fracture in the breast.

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