What does baby wear in winter

Winter just coming, but the baby in the hospital are many. Although this season in the morning and evening temperature difference is bigger, parents wrapped baby in a sweater pants and some children put on the cotton-padded jacket. Even in winter, a sick child is wrapped up whole body and in a hospital checking, loose newborn clothesmakes children sweat. We do not advocate this kind of practice, according to the weather conditions, and it is very reasonable for the children to increase or decrease newborn baby clothes, which is also a very particular knowledge.

The weather has turned cold. How many clothes should the child wear? In fact, this is not a very difficult thing, but for the children, the right time to dress them is some knowledge, because they cannot like adults can at any time increase or decrease clothes. For children, due to their age characteristics, they are a special group, and the children of each age wear the same clothes. The young infants can only be arranged by their parents, and they cannot choose by themselves. For the older children, they have a certain amount of choice due to the awareness of increasing or decreasing clothes.

According to weather beforehand at ordinary times newspaper gives the child clad ply, add for the child decrease the dress should press the change of air temperature, you must not want to wear what to him at one’s pleasure what to wear, and cannot allow the will of the child more. Children naturally like to move, in order not to affect their own activities, most of them do not want to wear too many clothes, which is caused by too little clothing

Normally, does baby wear a few ability to calculate appropriate? It is to master according to air temperature commonly add or subtract clothes to the baby, which also can set out from reality and wear as much clothes as adults. It is also appropriate for children if the adults do not feel cold or hot when it is quiet. If the child’s physical slightly poor, such as suffering from: rickets, iron deficiency anemia, usually prone to colds children, and should be appropriate to increase the clothing, but also you cannot let them wear too much. But there is a point to pay attention to, if the child after strenuous exercise, such as games or outing, it must be timely according to the circumstances of the clothes so as not to cause excessive sweating cold again.

To adapt to the temperature change in winter, it is necessary to enhance children fight cold ability, and parents should not only effort on the dress, and also must consider many problems, such as: as the change of the temperature to adjust window time, pay attention to the children to keep warm, indoor temperature should be suitable for time and ventilation while sleeping. Child should not be too close to a window, avoiding indoor two windows open at the same time and cause air convection. When sleeping, because the child is easy to push off the quilt, in order to prevent a cold, some parents let the child sleep in sweater and this is not scientific method. If baby wears too much to sleep, the child gets up in the morning and will add more clothes, which is harmful to the child’s health.

Young parents should pay close attention to their children’s psychological changes and arrange some beneficial activities for their children, and let them go to places where there are too many people in public places as far as possible, so as to avoid other adverse hidden dangers. As the saying goes: “if want children to be safe, stay a bit hungry and cold”, eat too much and wear too much will backfire. So I hope young parents grasp the scale and choose the most suitable for their baby’s way of dressing, letting the baby healthy through the cold winter.

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