What does the baby wear while sleeping in winter?

In winter, many new moms do not know what the baby should wear during sleep, especially at night. Should they put more clothes on babies or tuck more quilts in them?Flower Decorated Solid Color Tulle Princess Dress

The baby’s heat dissipation capability is still growing. The mother can try to touch the palm and the back of baby’s hands. If the back is cold and the palm is hot, the baby is not cold at the moment.

The fact that the back and the palm of hands are warm also means that the baby is not cold. But if both of them are hot, it means the baby is a little bit hot. Therefore, parents should not put on too many clothes for their children just because they are afraid that babies maybe feel cold because it will have a negative impact on children’s health.

Putting on too many newborn clothes while babies are sleeping can hinder muscle relaxation, blood circulation and breathing. Children who wear too many clothes during sleep may have poor blood circulation and their feet tend to get cold. Hence, it is possible that they may easier to feel cold.Flower Applique Round Neck Dress

In consequence, in the absence of special circumstances, if the baby is in good health, he can dress like this:

Newborn baby clothes: thin pajamas + quilts + thin quilts/blankets.

New moms should make some adjustments according to the practical situation. If the child is sick, moms should make sure to take care of babies comprehensively.

The infant: cotton pajamas + sleeping bags + thin quilts.

That is a great option for active kids. Some babies like to sleep with their hands out, so a sleeping bag is preferred. At the same time, a piece of cloth in sleeping bags would be useful to prevent getting dirty from baby wetting.

One-year old baby: thin pajamas + long-sleeved sleeping bags or thin cotton pajamas + big quilts.

A long-sleeved sleeping bag is more suitable for the restless baby. For those babies who are quite, a quilt is desired. If moms are afraid that babies get cold, they can put baby’s clothes on the quilt so that babies will be warm.

More tips:

Mothers can give their babies a foot bath before they go to bed, which can help them sleep better.

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