What should you pay attention to when choosing clothes for your baby?

Buying newborn clothes for your baby is not as simple as buying clothes for an adult. Your baby’s skin is especially delicate and sensitive to other things, so be careful when choosing cute baby clothes for your baby. Here’s a look at what to watch out for when choosing newborn baby clothes for your baby.

One, touch with the hand and choose appropriate fabrics.

Children’s clothing is best to choose pure cotton fabrics, and mom should note that its comfort, scalability, sweat absorption, air permeability, heat retention, shrinkage, etc. To carefully check your baby’s clothing, there should be no hard seams or rough stitches and may make the baby’s skin damage, especially the new baby’s clothing to avoid excessive decoration, such as collar lace, buttons, zippers and other things.

Two, whether have peculiar smell.

Smell whether there is a particularly strong pungent smell on children’s clothing, such as similar to the smell of furniture city. Also pay attention to choose as far as possible with washing machine washing, fadeless fabrics, in the washing process, and do not use any detergent or fiber softener with biological properties. These things will remain on the clothes to stimulate the baby’s skin.

Three, pay attention to size.

Newborns have delicate bones and are not suitable for pullovers. You had better let darling wear cardigan, in order to facilitate wear take off. When your baby is wearing a lace-up bra, the length of the belt should be appropriate, and it should be firmly sewn on the body, or it will cause damage to the baby’s neck, fingers, toes and other places. Don’t wear clothes with buttons on them. Hard buttons can hurt your baby’s skin and may cause him to choke by sucking into his mouth. The dimension of underwear wants appropriate, give commonly wide one inch half to two inches can, after too wide underwear breaks the skin that can harm darling and too thin can affect haemal circulation. No waist ties. Children in the infant period mainly rely on abdominal breathing, and the elastic belt on the waist pants will affect the child’s normal breathing, and may cause the child’s rib valgus deformity.

Four, the color don’t be too gorgeous, more simple is better.

Because brightly colored clothes often contain high amounts of lead, and because many pigments are added to them, babies wear colorful clothes for a long time, and lead can be absorbed through the skin, easily causing lead poisoning.

Five, the PH value of the clothes.

At this point few people notice, in fact, clothing is also a PH value, especially chemical fiber fabric clothes need to pay attention to this point. Because the human epidermis has a certain degree of weak acid, this can protect the skin, prevent bacterial invasion. Therefore, it is better to choose underwear with a pH value that is relatively close to the pH value of human skin. If the pH value is on the high side, it is easy to cause baby’s skin itching. Generally speaking, the pH value of knitted underwear tends to be on the high side.

Conclusion: all of us have bought newborn clothes. We don’t think it takes much knowledge to buy clothes. But for infants and young newborn baby clothesknowledge is big, because infants and young children’s own characteristics and adults are not the same. The skin of the infant is more delicate, the resistance is poorer, because this is bought to the baby when the dress cannot choose bright-colored dress certainly, such as dress contains lead quite tall. Also pay attention to the fabric, it is best to buy pure cotton, because pure cotton good water absorption, air permeability, baby wearing will be more comfortable.


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