What to do when buying clothes for your child

Mothers often go to great lengths to choose newborn clothes that will make their children look lively and lovely, but also take into account whether the clothes themselves will scratch their delicate skin. Because the child is still small, and temperature regulation function is not perfect, and the resistance is poor, at the same time sebaceous glands secrete sweat, such as the choice of inappropriate, harmful substances will harm the baby, increase the chance of infection. So it is necessary to choose suitable cute baby clothes for children.

The baby that just gives birth develops fast, and new-born skin horn changes layer to compare weak, accordingly, clothing fabrics should be soft, and pure cotton fabrics with good water absorption or weak color or cotton product, such ability won’t abrade the child’s skin.

Elastic clothes are not suitable for children, because the elastic belt is easy to cause pressure on the chest, and the baby is mobile, easy to bind the baby’s hands and feet activities, not conducive to child development.

Clothes are called “the second skin of the human body”, which has a good protective effect on the human body. When choosing children’s clothes, mothers should pay attention to the fabric of the clothes, and the edges and corners, and the seams should have no thread ends. Mothers also look for national standards on the labels.

The child’s clothes are not fashion is given priority to, but safety first, try not to select those who have the buttons on clothing, prevent children swallowed, especially pay attention to the cuffs, neckline easily caught by a child, such as when the choose and buy as far as possible not to buy the color too bright-colored infant clothing, lest it contains can decompose harmful material such as aromatic amine, and too bright color may cause damage to the child’s retina.

Also, wash new clothes with water and let them sit for a week or two before wearing them. Some clothes contain formaldehyde, which has a great influence on children. However, formaldehyde is easily soluble in water, so it can reduce the content of the clothes after washing. In addition, it is better to wash the clothes by hand, and the soap containing natural plant ingredients should be selected. Washing powder contains chemical substances, even if rinse again clean, there may be residual washing powder, we want to reduce the unsafe factors to the minimum, in order to let the baby is not hurt.

The clothes of darling should bask in in the sun, and they should be far from more fume garment agent, insect-proofing agent. Especially baby underwear, diapers and so should be avoided, in case of absorption through the skin and poisoning.

Choosing well-known children’s clothing can also reduce the harm of clothes to babies, such as “happy baby”, whose brand sets a precedent in disinfection clothing. For baby clothing, it is closed and stored independently. Each package contains bamboo charcoal bag, which can absorb harmful chemicals on clothes. It deserves the trust of consumers.

Summary: the healthy growth of the baby is inseparable from the careful care of parents, how to let the children wear newborn baby clothes comfortable and generous is our parents to consider the problem. In addition to the sake of economy, the children’s clothes do not have to buy too much, because the child’s growth rate is very fast, buy more do not wear is a waste.

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