What Will Doctor Do After Baby is Born

Many young mothers are all curious about what will doctor do in the several minutes after baby is born. Let Popreal tell you the truth! After the mother gave birth to the baby, nurse only said the baby’s gender to mothers. And then baby was taken away by the nurse and then returned to her mother. In fact, the nurse is holding the baby to deal with these things. Chick Pattern Graffiti Short Sleeves Sets


The first thing the baby just gave birth was crying. This is also the neonatal instinctive reaction. Several weeks ago, there was a news that the baby was born with a smile. In fact, because there is a foreign thing in the baby’s throat, so that the baby did not cry when he was born. The baby inhales a lot of amniotic fluid and foreign things, then the doctor needs to help the baby clean up the foreign things and let the baby cry.

  1. Cut the umbilical cord

Many young mothers see the baby on the picture about cutting the umbilical cord,  and they will think about whether the baby will hurt. In fact, the umbilical cord does not cause pain. When the umbilical cord is not beating, the doctor will cut it at a position about 2 cm away from the baby’s belly button. Knocking and disinfecting, bandaging is good, and the extra umbilical cord in the navel will fall naturally in 1-2 weeks.

  1. Bathe your baby

When a newborn is born, there will be fetal fat, blood, feces in amniotic fluid, etc. The nurse will bathe the child after the child is born. When the baby is washed, immediately pick it up, dry it and put on the clothes. The nurse will put a number on the baby’s hand or on the foot, so as not to hold the wrong child. Floral Print One Shoulder Ruffle Trim Sets

  1. Measuring weight and height

Nurses will accurately report the number of births and heights of the child. These indicators are used to measure the health of the baby and are used as a reference for the child’s medical dose.

After all the things are done, the nurse will hold the baby to the mother and reunite the mother and child.

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