When to begin for baby to wear small underwear?

The child grows bigger and bigger, it is time to give the baby to wear baby and toddler bottoms, but many babies are very resistant to wearing toddler bottoms, they think wearing baby bottoms is very uncomfortable, so, how to let the baby wear underwear? When to begin for baby to wear children underpants?

The child is bigger and bigger, but a lot of little baby are not like to wear small underwear, they feel uncomfortable, in fact, when should moms give baby to wear?

A four-year-old girl, from the day she went to kindergarten, wakes up every morning and talks with her mother from “wear underwear or not”, because she doesn’t like it and feels “crotch” and uncomfortable. So her mother from the smallest size of children’s underwear, to buy adult underwear for her to try on, lasted two years, has become a “nightmare” for her mother.

What are the experts’ views on this topic?

Wearing small underwear to a certain extent to prevent trauma, prevent umbilical cold, but also to prevent the child always touching. The biggest drawback is the child’s maladjustment. His advice: wear them as soon as you can, in principle.

Experts know more about the habits of babies and toddlers, and she says it’s a rule to require all babies to wear underwear in the nursery. Here’s why:

First, hygiene and disease prevention. It is mainly to prevent pinworm disease and vulva infection.

Second, improve the quality of naps. If wear trousers to sleep, neither comfortable, also easy to wake up after catching a cold.

Third, cultivate independence. Underwear horizontal and vertical size difference will help the baby’s ability to observe and hands-on skills.

Fourth, it can cultivate children’s gender awareness.

Comprehensive expert advice and the practice of mothers, let children learn to wear small baby bottoms, no more than 3 years old at the latest, if possible, as early as possible, especially young girls, can be very good to prevent infection.

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