Which underwear is pretty?

Some people are not as sensitive to the change of seasons of women lingerie as the coat, and feeling underwear is about the same, and there is no season. But even so, as a natural love shopping women, one can give oneself to find a “prodigal” reason and new underwear to wear, why not? Next, let’s take a look at some of the more beautiful and wearable styles of underwear in the fall and winter.

Chinese people like to greet such festival with gules, and this year is indispensable, which might as well also choose gules underwear to answer a circumstance so. The cup of 5/8 gathers together the effect is extremely good and can show your bosom line incisively and vividly, and delicate inwrought craft more promoted the quality feeling of underwear and costly feeling, adding form a complete set to carry buttock underwear, and the perfect temperament that lets you by inside and outside get best show.

If this usually prefer light pink series, spring and summer and good collocation in the fall and winter you can be free to choose and don’t have to worry about women’s intimates color exposed embarrassed, although is the color of the younger. But because of 3/4 cup design and lace stitching, ornament, with mature female sexy charm, all show amorous feelings. The widened side ratio is extremely wraparound, allowing your curves to work best in thick winter coats.


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