Why does the Hospital Leave Footprints of Newborn?

The parents who have given birth to their children must know that when the child is born, the hospital will print the baby’s small feet on the child’s case book. Also you will need newborn baby clothes. Tie Decorated Turn-Down Collar Three Pieces Set

Many parents don’t care about the fontprint of baby. Under normal circumstances, it will not be used, but it is very important to understand why the hospital do this. Because, at some critical time, this little footprint of the baby can help us protect our children.

  1. Prevent your baby from being brought by others.

The child is born basically the same length, and the mother and father have no time to see more. If baby is took by someone who is not good, it will be difficult to come back.

The baby’s small footprint is the most original proof material, and the hospital will archive it, which is also an important evidence to resolve similar disputes.

  1. Some places need the footprint when register

After the baby is discharged from the hospital, it is best to have a birth certificate at the hospital at that time, and then go to the local police station to give the child a good account within one month. In some places, it is necessary for the child to have a small footprint.Cartoon Animal Pattern Little Ear Suspender Set

  1. Why do doctors print footprints instead of fingerprints of newborn?

In the eyes of many parents, the fingerprints are unique. Whether in real life or in film and television dramas, they will be hand-printed, especially the thumb.

In fact, people’s footprints and fingerprints are both unique, and the above lines can be used to identify a person’s identity.

The reason why the baby is not hand-printed is because the child is too small, and the hands basically like to break into fists. If forced to open, it is easy to hurt the baby’s fragile fingers. Therefore, the footprints are used instead of the fingerprints.

The above is the reason why the hospital should leave footprints for the newborn. If you have any questions, please leave a comment in the comment and discuss it with fans of Popreal.Fox Print Sweatshirt Sets

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