Women pajamas in winter

Compared to the constraints of women’s intimates, naked sleep is more attractive to many women, but long-term naked sleep is not good for women’s health, so it is very important for women to learn to choose pajamas. A good pajama can help a woman to promote quality, especially cold winter, not be thicker pajama just is warmer, the expert of manufacturer takes us to learn how to choose pajama correctly.

Pyjamas are not home wear and should not be too thick in winter.

In order to keep warm in winter, the thicker the pajamas are, the better. You can do whatever you want to do.

As a matter of fact, pajamas should not be confused with household clothes, or they will easily be contaminated with soot, dust and bacteria. It is conceivable that wearing such pajamas will bring much impact on sleep and health.

Pajamas should only be worn during sleep and should not be too thick. Especially in winter, light or slightly thick pajamas are more suitable for sleep. Too thick pajamas have poor breathability, which will prevent the normal breathing of the skin and the evaporation of sweat. On the contrary, they are not warm enough and will make your sleep quality decline.

Pajamas color appropriate light material selection of cotton.

Pink, light green and the quietly elegant color such as cream-colored, more beneficial morpheus; The color such as bright red, deep blue, go against the mood to loosen, affect nightly rest, so pajama had better choose plain and light color.

Pajamas fabrics are cotton, silk, wood pulp fiber, chemical fiber, imitation of silk, color, chiffon, hemp and other materials, with the best cotton. Cotton pajamas have good moisture absorption, soft and breathable, not easy to irritate the skin, comfortable and safe to wear. Chemical fiber material pajamas in winter easy static electricity, not suitable for choice; Hemp pajamas can interfere with sleep and should also be ruled out.

Split pajamas are more convenient and the size is looser.

There are three styles of pajamas: halter style, split style and one-piece style. Winter is more suitable for the choice of split pajamas, not only comfortable to wear, but also more convenient to move.

In terms of size, pajamas should not be too small, too tight or just right, relatively loose is better, there will be no sense of bondage when wearing it to sleep.

Change and wash your pajamas frequently and dry them in the shade.

Many lazy girls, do not like to wash clothes, especially pajamas only in bed to wear, feel not dirty, often put on a few weeks before washing.

Want to know, human body is in after entering morpheus, metabolism still continues, sweat fluid, grease from the skin discharge, deposit on pajamas, can cause bacterium and mite bug, if a few weeks just change wash, these dirty thing can irritate the skin, bring about itchy, agitate, suffer from hair bursitis seriously even. So, change your pajamas frequently, and those with oily skin should change them at least once a week.

Pajamas and women lingerie are same, unfavorable insolate in sunshine, because insolation can shorten clothing life, had better be in shade cool place air.

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